We answer a few questions that just might have crossed your mind…

What makes Olive & Birch different?

At Olive & Birch we create florals and events that are unique to you! Every arrangement is a creative expression. Every wedding tells a story of two people’s journey together, and celebrates the beginning of new adventures. Every couple deserves to celebrate their relationship in a way that is unique to them. Regardless of tradition, expectations, or external pressures. Oh, and we have amazing customer service, but we believe that that should just be the standard.

What services do you offer?

We offer wedding planning, florals, and coordinating for our couples. We also have some items available for rent such as vases and candles.

How does your pricing work?

We keep our pricing very simple and straightforward. We charge per arrangement for florals, per hour for planning, and per event for coordination.

What do I need to consider when selecting a wedding coordinator?

Wedding coordinators need to be bossy! Their number one priority is to seamlessly run your wedding day while causing as a little stress to the bride as possible. It is important for wedding coordinators to not be timid, and to take initiative on solving any wedding day hiccups. Not to mention they need to be organized.

What do I need to consider when selecting a wedding planner?

What you need out of a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator are very different. A wedding planner is someone that you will work closely with throughout the process. So it is very important that you enjoy spending time with your planner. It is also not as important that planners are as bold and strong-willed as your coordinator. Organization and timeliness are important characteristics to look for.

What do I need to consider when selecting a wedding florist?

The biggest factor you should consider when selecting a wedding florist is style. You want to see photos of past work that are similar to your vision. Do keep in mind that just because a florist has a certain style, does not mean that they are not capable of producing high quality work in a different vein. I also would take into consideration their personality. Do you get along with them? Your wedding day will have plenty of built-in stress as it is. You don’t want to hire a wedding vendor that rubs you the wrong way.

How are arrangements priced?

Arrangements are first priced based on the size and the estimated number of stems needed to complete the arrangement. The type of flowers also affects the price. Eg. a bunch of spray roses with 20 flowers may only cost $10, while 5 peonies might run you $60. Once size and flower type are accounted for then you factor in the amount time required to complete the arrangement. Eg: some simple centerpieces may only require placing a few stems in a small vase (2 min each). While a big arbor with greenery and florals could take hours to finish.

How does seasonality affect my floral options?

Ahh…sadly all flowers are not available all year round! Most flowers are fair-weather friends; therefore, you will have the most options between April and August. At Olive & Birch, we always select the freshest flowers possible. A fresh, beautiful flower that is slightly different than the desired type will look 10x better than a droopy version of the original plan.

I have no budget for flowers currently. Where do I start?

Wedding budgets are a very personalized thing. Some couples have different aspects of their day that are more important, and therefore will occupy a larger portion of the budget. We recommend setting an overall wedding budget first. From there, the average couple spends roughly 15% of their wedding budget on florals.

I have a limited budget for florals. What are the most important arrangements to focus on?

This obviously depends on each couples’ vision; however, the bridal bouquet is the single most photographed arrangement at any wedding. I highly recommend not skimping out on your bouquet. The other arrangements that is most often photographed are any sort of ceremony arrangements that are front and center. This could be altar arrangements, an altar, or even a garland.

What are the biggest factors that affect the cost of an arrangement?

Size is the biggest factor in determining the cost of an arrangement. Bigger arrangements require more materials, larger vessels, and take longer to create. The amount of time an arrangement requires from your wedding florist will also have an affect on the price. The last factor that can greatly affect the price are the types of flowers. Some flowers are simply much more expensive.

What form of payments do you accept?

Our preferred methods of payment are check and Venmo.

What is the difference between wedding planning and wedding coordinating?

Wedding planning typically refers to preparatory work that is done in advance of the wedding day. This can include everything from booking wedding vendors to designing a reception layout. Wedding coordinating alludes to day-of logistics. Wedding coordinators typically communicate with vendors on the day of your wedding to insure that everything happens on schedule. They also typically direct the bridal party and the ceremony.


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