How we got started…


There was a point in time when the only flower arrangements I had ever done was helping out with a friends wedding. We would just throw together a few table arrangements or a bridesmaid bouquet. It’s funny to think about that now.


I can look back and remember the exact moment that flowers went from being a hobby to a full on business.


I had just come home from a friend’s wedding where all the bridesmaids were tasked with the florals. The next done day at work I struck up a conversation with a co-worker about one of our clients.


My co-worker told me that this particular client had left their day job to go off on their own and that their business was doing really well – she had filled her entire calendar with clients until the end of the year. I asked her how she did that and she told me about this website where you post about your business and people reach out to you.


Our conversation piqued my interest, and I decided to explore the site for myself. I was required to make an account to navigate the site.


“Umm… okay. I guess I am a floral designer for weddings.”


From there I spent a little bit of time exploring the site. It was neat, but I was prepared to never give it a second thought.


Then the requests for a florist started pouring in.


I was in awe. I couldn’t believe how many people were reaching out! So I started answering their inquiries. All of a sudden people were asking if I was available to do their wedding!


We have come a long way since then but I will always treasure how we got started. If you’re reading this then you are either already booked with us, or you’re looking for someone who can execute your wedding.


While our beginnings might feel like an accident, I believe that our paths were meant to cross. I don’t believe in accidents – I believe that we are given opportunities and we can decide to take them or not.


I took this opportunity because I believe that there are people out there, just like you, who are in need of a guide to walk with them through this process. The season of engagement isn’t always easy, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Cheers: to creating life-long memories.