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I have talked many of my friends through arranging their own flowers for their wedding. It is a task that can save you a lot of money, but can also add a lot of stress if you are unprepared. One of the scariest parts of DIY wedding flowers is not having an idea of how long each task will take. No bride wants her wedding day to arrive with a bunch of flowers that have yet to be arranged. Timing and scheduling doesn’t have to hold you back, and the best way to overcome this problem is preparation.


If you have taken the leap of faith and decided to arrange your own flowers for your wedding, then it is important to have a schedule. You will have many other responsibilities (obviously), and you want to leave yourself plenty of time.


I have created a DIY wedding flowers timeline for anyone that would like to download it. It is a simple timeline to make sure that you accomplish everything that needs to be done, BEFORE your wedding!


Quick Overview


The first item to remember is to order your flowers from your local flower shop two weeks before. You do not want to show up the week of your wedding and find a dearth of flowers. Once you have your flowers, Thursday is set aside for prep-work, bridesmaid bouquets, and centerpieces. Friday is the day that you will tackle the bridal bouquet and boutonnieres. And Saturday is for transportation, final touches, and getting married!


Mistakes to Avoid


The biggest mistake that I see when brides DIY wedding flowers is to trying to cram too much into a short period of time. Usually this is a result of not knowing how long flowers will last if properly cared for.


This leads to trying to complete all their arrangements the day before. Or even the day of. Once you understand how to care for your flowers, it will give you the confidence to space out your work.


The second mistake that can really come back to bite you is not setting aside enough time for each arrangement. When you are performing any task for the first or second time, it is always going to take longer than you think.


Giving yourself cushion (extra time) will make the experience much more relaxing. And trust me…you won’t need any added stress.


Here are a couple of extra tips:

1. Store as many of your arrangements in the refrigerator as possible. I like to try and store my bridesmaid bouquets, my bridal bouquet, and the boutonnieres in the refrigerator. Everything will not fit, but do your best!


2.Transportation can be tricky. I have lots of suggestions in my article on Flower Transportation

3. These time estimations are simply guidelines. The size, complexity, and your aptitude will all affect the speed at which you work. Just do not procrastinate!


4. On Friday and Saturday it is important to check for wilted flowers, and to mist the flowers with water. You will most certainly lose a few flowers. Do not let that stress you out!


5. Have fun! This will be a part of your wedding week that you will hopefully look back on fondly. Enjoy performing work with your hands and creating something special!

**Most couples are still getting married on Saturdays, so I based this checklist off of a Saturday wedding schedule.

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